Secure Code Warrior

Secure Code Warrior Case Study

Secure Code Warrior needed to combine two separate offices into the one location and engaged Facilitate for an end-to-end solution. The new premises are located within a repurposed industrial building with a heritage façade, and the result is a vibrant, open plan workspace, with increased collaboration areas for their dynamic team.  It was a pleasure acting on behalf of SCW and we are delighted that the finished product met their expectations.

Adelie Hanly commented, “Not only did they deliver a mind-blowing office fitout in a short 3.5 months, everyone in the team went above & beyond to make sure we are happy, and well looked after”.

Secure Code Warrior Testimonial

Working with the Facilitate team was an absolute dream. From the start, they were professional and easy to work with with a problem-solving attitude.

Should you work with them? Absolutely! Why?

Not only did they deliver a mind-blowing office fitout and design on 2 levels in a short 3.5 months, everyone in the team went above and beyond to make sure we are happy, and well looked after.

From the start, Jo captured what we would love to see in our new office, including us along the way. Jo's role in focusing on the creative piece can be a challenge with so many subjective views. I praise Jo in listening to all points of view and bringing those back to a design vision that captured a motif that's right for us. Jo has great attention to detail, focusing on a personalised motif that's right for Secure Code Warrior, throughout, providing a flawless finish to the design of our new home. The design is incredible. Thank you, Jo.

Liz was wonderful. Kind, supportive, and often reaching out to see how the Project was going, and how Liz can help. That created a wonderful experience when the Project was in full swing. Liz went above and beyond by introducing me to other office managers. Meeting them was essential in my role at the time, as we navigate through the new world together (with COVID-19) through the new normal of a world with COVID-19. This introduction was not expected; I am so thankful for the opportunity to meet others like me at a time like this. Thank you, Liz.

The Project was managed by Allan. Allan was amazing! We got along like great friends. If there was anything I needed to help with, had questions of, or for any reason related to the Project, Allan was always available and would find a solution. There were multiple points in the Project where we changed direction or needed more information. Allan would be onto a solution, working with the team one responding quickly, and with kindness and understanding. Having strong communication with Allan, and with his supportive, kind and understanding approach, he made the experience exceptional, easy. I trusted we would deliver with no concerns. Thank you, Allan.

Louise was warm, kind, friendly and quick to find solutions and help with anything we need. Louise was always available and made sure our office pieces all came together on time and kept us on track at our weekly meetings, keeping us organised along the way. Thank you for everything.

Consider Facilitate. If you want someone to do the job not just right, but with extra. Because that's what they are, extra!

Adelie Hanly Office Manager