Design Build

Design Build.

Streamline your office transformation with our full turnkey Design Build services. At Facilitate, we take your vision from concept to completion, managing every step of the process – space planning, creative design, expert construction, and seamless relocation.

Forget juggling multiple vendors for your commercial fit out project; our team of experts handles everything involved in transforming your workspace, from the initial spark of a design concept idea to the final ribbon-cutting ceremony. Whether you’re expanding globally or refreshing your local headquarters, we create stunning, functional spaces that will inspire and empower your people.

Our Design Build Services

With our Design Build services, our team at Facilitate transforms your vision into reality, meticulously handling every step of the journey. Here’s how we handle everything on your behalf and ensure your office fit-out is a stress-free journey:

1. Unveiling Your Vision:

Needs Assessment & Space Planning
We delve into your company culture, workflow, and space requirements through in-depth consultations, collaborative brainstorming workshops, and space audits.
Branding & Identity
Beyond technical specifications, we build a comprehensive understanding of your company’s branding and narrative so that we can showcase your company values physically through your office design.
Site Selection & Feasibility Studies
We explore potential locations, evaluating accessibility, infrastructure, and regulatory compliance to fit your requirements.
Budgeting & Cost Transparency
We establish realistic budgets and provide detailed cost breakdowns for all project phases, keeping you informed every step of the way.

2. Design That Inspires:

Conceptual Design
We translate your vision into initial design concepts and captivating mood boards, bringing your dream workspace to life visually.
Detailed Design & Documentation
Our expert designers craft construction-ready drawings, specifications, and material selections, ensuring every detail is meticulously planned and in complete alignment with your vision.
Sustainable Design
We incorporate environmentally friendly practices and materials, creating a space that’s both beautiful and responsible.

3. Construction with Confidence:

Permitting & Approvals
We navigate the permitting process, securing necessary approvals from local authorities so your office fit out project runs smoothly with no delays.
Construction Management
Our experienced team oversees the entire construction process, guaranteeing quality, safety, and adherence to your schedule and budget.
Procurement & Vendor Management
We enter into contracts with all suppliers on your behalf. We’re here to source and manage furniture, equipment, technology, and other materials for your space.

4. A Hassle-Free Move-In Experience:

Furniture Installation & Technology Integration
We engage the best consultants to skillfully install the right furniture, technology, pantry equipment, and other elements, creating a workspace that is both functional and user-friendly from day 1 of your team’s arrival.
Final Touches & Cleaning
We ensure a thorough clean up post-construction so that your new workspace is sparkling clean and ready to welcome your team.
Post-Occupancy Support
We remain at your service for up to 6 months after move-in, providing ongoing support and addressing any questions or concerns that may arise.