Twitter Australia

Twitter Australia Case Study

Having previously occupied a local serviced office, Twitter engaged Facilitate as the project manager for their first dedicated Australian office, located in Sydney’s CBD. Twitter was looking to build a functional and flexible space, approximately 1,850 square meters in size. The new space included

The new space included creation of workspace with an open plan, workbench layout with various sized glass-fronted meeting rooms; common areas included a kitchen, pantry and flexible space for dining and all hands meetings. The project required careful coordination to obtain best in class services and resources aligned to Twitter’s requirements. These included IT, AV, Network Engineering, Signage and Artwork and Security.

Bates Smart, the designers, embraced Twitter’s own definition of themselves as a ‘grown-up start-up’ employing sophisticated materials and finishes in a welcome departure from the typical start-up aesthetic. Environmental branding walls convey the Twitter here and now, touching on the 24-hour worldwide conversation that the company facilitates. The result is a highly varied program of spaces that balances the global brand identity with the wish list of a proud local team.


Twitter Australia Testimonial


Looks beautiful!

Helen Moyes Global Project Manager, Design & Construction