Perpetual Limited

Perpetual Limited Case Study

Perpetual is one of Australia’s most respected financial services organisations with $29.4 billion funds under management and $650.5 billion funds under administration. Perpetual is a diversified and independent financial services company incorporating three businesses – Perpetual Investments, Perpetual Private, and Perpetual Corporate Trust.

Facilitate worked alongside Bates Smart who executed the design of the office from Sydney. The office included high-end finishes, intricate audio-visual solutions, and sit to stand desks throughout the space.

There was a high level of coordination required of services being integrated into high-end finishes and the many feature ceilings. Long lead times were involved for the majority of the workstations and loose furniture, which had to be managed over the Christmas period. A high level of acoustics was required, which included white noise sound masking. The space also required universal access WC and in-house bathrooms to provide a superior experience for Perpetual’s clientele.

Facilitate managed the process of moving Perpetual out of their existing tenancy to a temporary floor and refurbishing the floor to make it fit for purpose. Facilitate also managed the relocation of services including fibre backbone cabling systems and demolition of the existing tenancy. Facilitate worked seamlessly with Knight Frank project management team to make good of the existing floor and integrated the services.

The time frame for the whole project was approximately 5 months.

Perpetual Limited Testimonial

During the course of the later part of 2015 through to April 2016, Facilitate Corporation completed three significant projects for the Perpetual Group.

The three projects required disciplines and expertise pertaining to:
- Make good obligations.
- Partial refurbishment of an alternate tenancy and
- A new tenancy, which was delivered on time and within budget

The Facilitate team promote and deliver a collaborative process for all issues encountered during negotiations with their client, lessors, adjacent tenant, consultants and statutory authorities.

Facilitate are true to their mantra of "focusing on solutions". We would recommend them to any potential client.

Peter Jervis Senior Manager, Building Support Services