Gordon Street Garage versus Mad Men

KordaMentha Case Study

KordaMentha is a multinational advisory and investment firm that provides Restructuring, Turnaround, Real Estate and Forensic support for companies and individuals. KordaMentha has offices in the USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand & Asia.

Working closely with the Perth managing partner Facilitate designed and managed KordaMentha’s fit out of the new Perth office. The fit out was a smart, neat and tidy solution without being predictable, as KordaMentha wanted to differentiate themselves from the other accounting firms in Perth. The design was inspired from vibes from Mad Men and a new local trendy restaurant called Gorden Street Garage. They wanted to channel the values of being smart and modest crossed with being millennial and modernised. The front of house has a sleek corporate feel, where the back of house in the breakout spaces is very industrial. The colour pallet was fairly muted and neutral with some deep, dark tones like charcoal distributed throughout.

One of the solutions in the workstation area was to make use of their neat and tidy filing system, which made the coloured files a feature in the space. This meant that although files may seem mundane, Facilitate made it appear like an interesting feature in the fitout.

The space was designed very functionally, the use of whiteboards in the kitchen area allows the company to have practical facilities for impromptu meetings making the most of collaboration and team involvement. This area has become the social part of the office, however, doubles as a functional meeting space when required.

Facilitate designed and built the office in a 7 month timeframe.

KordaMentha Testimonial

We’re all in this morning and everyone is excited. It’s a fantastic fitout. Your team has done an amazing job in a tight timeframe. We will be singing your collective praise from the rooftops.

Tony O'Callaghan Partner