Empired (ASX: EPD) operate Australia wide, delivering technology solutions to a variety of industries. Empired specialise in cloud services, content management, resource planning and customer relationship management technologies.

Around the time of appointment, Empired consolidated and relocated 4 buildings into the Quadrant, which included the integration of multiple companies under the one Empired brand.

The consolidation of the companies prompted the design to take a clear community direction for the new space to ensure the new companies felt satisfied under the new direction of Empired. In order to make this work, an internal staircase was built to emphasised the connection of the two floors, and staff hubs were created around the stairs to ensure fluid movement of staff between the floors. Facilitate also designed a mix of workstation environments, with 5% of the floor being sit to stand desks, and the built environment was positioned away from the perimeter to maximise natural light penetration.

Being a listed company, Facilitate also created a client interface area, which highlighted Empired’s technology position in the market and a computer room that had a glass frontage as you bypass to walk the boardroom. The boardroom had an array of display areas to showcase Empired’s technologies to investors and clients.

The timeframe was was 8 weeks for design, and 12 weeks onsite for construction. The project was delivered on time and on budget. Facilitate received extremely positive feedback that the new space increased the employee culture and employee satisfaction that was measured through the annual NPS score.

  • Location: Perth, Australia
  • Type of Project: Design Build
  • Sector: Tecnology

Your openness, honesty and great work ethic, which went beyond any expectations we had, produced great memories of working with Facilitate

Kath Mogriddge
National Office Manager

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