Project Brief

The new workspace needed to reflect the way WHSP connect and collaborate. Preserving legacy and 
celebrating ‘family like’ culture was imperative. Our concept ‘innovation builds from heritage’, allowed us 
to share stories through curated artefacts, while the innovative spirit lives through people, inspired to build a strong future together.

The primary focus was retaining the old site’s heritage features, whilst developing a new innovative and inspiring workplace. The beautiful clay bricks reference the old sites internal structure while maintaining contemporary design. At the core — the new workspace was re-imagined to support a variety of working styles, converging into an open, residential inspired living environment for staff to eat, work, and play.

Project Innovation/Need

Today the WHSP business is filled with stories taken from past experience which have driven the businesses core principles. With strong respect for their cultural heritage, their business, and their partnerships, WHSP live in a manner which is consistent with their values, purpose and goals.

With this in mind, it was important the transformative workplace reflected these themes, acting as a stage where past meets present. The design incorporates a balance between; work, quiet, collaborative and social spaces, all aimed at bringing internal teams and external partnerships together, these contrasting effects inject new life and activity into the workplace of the future.

The materiality of the brick tile, glass blocks and sheer curtains allow sunlight to penetrate the core. Statement Versailles panels, custom joinery library bookcases, sophisticated furniture and historical artefacts add 
a personal and timeless touch to the space. To compliment the curved ceiling, classic lighting was purposefully distributed as though being attached to a heritage site. Wall lamps and wash lights emphasise brick textures and subtle details, completing the look.

At the heart, a multipurpose, interactive and open community space for staff to meet and connect extends through large windows and arched doorways to the workplace and private offices. A green atrium was created directly attached to a characterful library, allowing tenants to connect with nature within the urban environment.

Design Challenge

It was an incredibly complex task to lay brick tiles on vertical, horizontal and curved surfaces while creating the perception that the brick building had been there for many years. One of our challenges was keeping the structure light so the new building envelope meets the old, creating stunning juxtaposition.

Indoor plants play a major role in setting the scene. It was imperative that we engaged with indoor planting specialist to make recommendations on the hardy plant types that would thrive indoors. Large planter boxes and free-standing pots were distributed across the entire workplace. All plants have been carefully selected and are proven beneficial for the tenants. They improve air quality, reduce noise levels and stress, improve creativity and productivity.


Endrim, in collaboration with Soul Pattinson (WHSP), are committed to holistic sustainability.

Today the WHSP business is filled with stories taken from past experience, which has driven the core principles.

The workspace marks the start of a new era, where the working environment has been embedded with core values, historical stories, and legacy.

As one of Australia’s oldest companies, it was important to maintain and preserve WHSP’s heritage, contributing to the overall sustainability and social responsibility.


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